Welcoming the Future of the GPTL Curriculum.

2018 has brought amazing changes to our organization. One of the most exciting is the addition of our FIRST Director of Tennis, Brian McGhee. If you haven’t had the chance, read about Brian’s tennis career here.

While GPTL is proud of our staff’s successes, we are committed to the belief that the culture of our organization is shaped by our leaders. You have seen Brian on the court for a little over a month, so now it’s time to learn about the man off the tennis court!

When did you start playing tennis?

I started playing when I was 12. My father and I used to play on public courts adjacent to the Mann Music Center in Philly from time to time. I am positive that it was divine, but I ran into a man by the name of Bill Johnson while playing on the courts one day. On that particular day, he watched me and my dad hit for a few minutes, waited until we were done, and invited us to train in his program the following weekend – no questions asked. I couldn’t play at all and he invited me anyway, out of the goodness of his heart. I didn’t know at the time but Bill was one of the very best coaches in the area. I accepted his invitation because I was curious; and it changed my life. Often I wonder what would my life be like if we had never met him. I am forever in Mr. Johnson’s debt for the gift he gave. Because of him accepting me into his program, I feel like it is my obligation to return the favor to whomever I have the pleasure to work with.

What is your favorite memory playing tennis?

Bringing my girlfriend, who is now my wife, to come and watch me play tennis for the first time. She didn’t know anything about tennis and I think she was impressed. Impressed enough to overlook all my other shortcomings and marry me.

What made you choose tennis as your lifetime work?

I didn’t choose tennis, it chose me. Especially tennis as a vocation. When I was growing up I had aspirations to be a lawyer. I love/loved to read and I excelled in history at school, so law seemed like a natural fit. Yet the jobs I continued accepting were in tennis and that was 25 years ago. I am settled and thankful that tennis will, most likely, be my life’s work. I believe teaching is the least I can do to honor the memory of Mr. Johnson, as well as my college tennis coach Victor Stone. The friendships I have made and maintained through the game is simply beyond belief.

What made you choose GPTL, and what sets GPTL apart?

I chose GPTL because of Kerriann and Chris. I met Chris many years ago when we attended the same high school in the 90s. We even coached many of the same players. And then there is the “Kerriann effect”. Kerriann has this way of getting you pumped up and full of the passion for this organization. Her excitement about GPTL and the mission is very infectious. So I got GPTL’ed by the Kerriann and Chris effect! They have built a really positive thing here and it will only get better with time and opportunity.
In addition to Chris and Kerriann, the rest of the team Karen, Lauren, Chrissy, and Maryellen all are great people who all have a great handle on the program. The people are what sets GPTL apart from other organizations.

What is your passion off the court?

I am a certified golf nut, and love everything about the game. You name it and I am all in for golf. Golf is my passion but what I enjoy most is spending time with my wonderful wife Dayna and our two children Sidney and Stella. Dayna and I dated for 13 years before we were married. So, in total after 13 years of dating and 12 years of marriage, 25 years and counting it is the thing I am most proud of in my life.

Get to know our Director of Tennis, Brian McGhee!