Joseph P. Collins is an Underwriting Systems Coordinator for United States Liability Insurance Company (USLI).  Prior to USLI, he was employed by Vanguard for 20+ years during which he held differing project management and leadership roles.  Mr. Collins holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond, Virginia and attended The Haverford School.

He has previously served on the board of PECORA – the Private Employer’s Council on Re-employment Assistance, as a committee member for St. Teresa of Calcutta’s School Finance Council, as a member of St. Teresa of Calcutta’s Parish Council, and currently a member the Advancement Committee.

Read more about what brought Joe to Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning, and what his goals for the organization are.

Why Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning?

I watched how the program helped my son grow as both a tennis player and a young man over the last eight years.  He started playing at an early age and I enjoyed witnessing how much fun he was having in addition to all the other young girls and boys that were also in his clinics.  I was always present for his clinics and I had a desire to do more than just sit there waiting for my son to be finished.  I started volunteering with GPTL several years ago and after some time, the past President of the Board, Dave Faulkner, asked me if I was interested in becoming a board member.  I have lived in the area for 13 years and GPTL makes it easy for me to give back by spending my time and using my talent working with children within my own community.

Why do you want to lead our Board?

I have been a firm believer of what GPTL stands for and has been doing in our community ever since my son started learning how to play this life-long sport.  I have personally witnessed the growth of the organization and all the energy the staff and volunteers bring to our program participants each day.  So, this was an easy decision for me; I believe I can help make the organization greater than it already is.  Two of the strengths required to lead a board include the ability to facilitate and to listen.  The leader of the board facilitates the running of the board itself including making sure policies are created and maintained.  The lead needs to be a good listener and by that, I mean listening to learn.  I learn something new in each and every board meeting I attend.  I was heavily involved in my children’s school when they were younger serving on their Finance Committee, the Parish Council, and I am currently a member of their Advancement Committee: we are building a new Ministry Center.

Why are you so passionate about this mission?

GPTL is a youth-development organization that uses tennis as its vehicle in support of our mission of mentoring healthy behaviors, life skills, and learning through tennis.  We can reach out to so many young girls and boys in our community and I truly believe that the skills learned on the court carry through to all aspects of the children’s lives.  Whether it is through one of our in-school programs, one of our week-night programs, our Adaptive programs, or on Saturday mornings, we are getting the children to run around with new friends and use their bodies and brains in different ways.  Children who may otherwise have never met are learning, competing, and growing together as they learn the game.  I spent several Fridays during April and May watching my son compete in the PAC and PA District Championships (he currently plays #2 singles for his high school team).  There were young men from several different schools participating in these tournaments who were all participants in GPTL’s programs.

And your goal for your term?

My main goal for my term is to facilitate the growth and expansion of our board.  We are actively recruiting, and I enjoy telling our story to anyone who will listen; I am confident we will continue to grow.

New GPTL President of the Board of Directors – Joe Collins